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i'm having the time of my life

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Name:nona lifeboat
Posting Access:Anybody, Moderated
o, bright star! i give

eyeteeth for a loaded page

in soviet age.
locked doors won't stop the robot lesbian revolution

Tony sighed. “Guess we won’t be having an open casket funeral.”


Updated: 8/30/15

1. No exchange of personal information, whether it be caps of a locked post, private information from someone's journal/RL that is not common knowledge, or contact information. We will err on the side of caution always, so if something gets deleted, it doesn't necessarily mean it was true, it just means it crossed over the line.

2. No posting someone else's personal picture, it will automatically be deleted.

3. Posting pictures is allowed, but we ask that you please keep images no larger than 900x900 pixels (these dimensions were chosen to avoid sidescrolling as well as scrolling more than a screen's height to see the whole pic). If you're not sure of a picture size, right click on the picture > properties to bring up a window that will tell you. Spamming is limited to 3 per page, unless you’ve threaded your spam into a collapsible thread, though we still ask that you limit your pics to 6 per comment.

No porn may be posted unless it has been directly uploaded by the subject or subjects involved.
Any embedded images depicting genitals (including tentabulges, there was a mod consensus) will be deleted.

Embedded sex toy images are deleted or not deleted based on mod discretion.

Furthermore, any negative comments about a woman's appearance will be deleted.

Pictures of a disturbing nature, such as gore or anything depicting triggering material, will be deleted, and automatic ban to any namie posting it.

4. We delete for transphobic, homophobic, racist, sexist, and ableist slurs. In the case of reclaiming, some censored slurs are allowed, such as b*tch, but only when referring to yourself. Any slurs aimed at others—censored or not—get deleted. This rule also applies to usernames. Additionally, we will delete other slurs on a case-by-case if asked.

Comments that do not blatantly troll but try to skirt the rules and trollbait may be deleted at mod discretion

In the case of quoting things containing slurs, anons and namies alike must censor the quoted slurs, or else it's auto-deleted.

Any namie that purposefully uses slurs to troll wins an automatic ban.

5. No deleting comments. A warning will be issued to namies on the first instance, then a ban (but we will make exceptions for personal info).

6. No comments encouraging people to commit suicide, self harm, or wishing rape/death on someone. This includes "hope you/they ded" comments. Any suicide trolling by a namie results in an instant ban.

7. Any evidence of sexual harassment (i.e., screenshots by the victim of pms or im logs with proof the namie in question is the one harrassing them) will result in an immediate ban of the perpetrator.

8. If a comment contains sensitive and potentially triggering content (such as descriptions of sexual assault, violence, self injury, eating disorders and/or substance abuse), it must contain a specific trigger warning in the subject line. However, trigger warnings are not a get out of jail free card, and we will delete exceptionally disturbing content and blatant trolling. Any comment that fails to comply with this rule will be deleted.

9. As mentioned above, there are instances where a namie receives an automatic ban for specific rules. As for all other rules, where a ban rule is not stated, a namie will receive a warning then a ban on the second offence.

Furthermore, namies that do not blatantly troll but try to skirt the rules and trollbait may be banned after a mod consensus on a case by case basis.

10. Any banned namie who attempts to return under another account will be automatically banned. Similarly, any anonymous posts where it's obvious they are a banned namie will be deleted.


wanna know how to picspam? use
the fyeahsfda tumblr
Anon awards 2010
Anon Awards 2011

Nona Kink Meme

"I also think sfd_anon is going to be gone, whether the mod wants it shut down or not, within two months, tops." - windypoint, 6/11/09

"I mean, I killed sfd_anon." - pistolpoet, 7/22/09

"sfd_anon is the last place I'd go for friends." - anonymous, 8/19/09

"Why does anon have to use the internet for hate when it could be used for hope?" - utterlystrange, 9/25/09

"And, yes, I am better than about 99% of the people who post here." - crushdmb 6/25/10

"So thank you so much for confirming that until you and your band of merry witch hunters are gone I have no business being on a comm that people are deliberately trying to turn to poison." - juliet316 1/2/11

"you guys are getting rid of all of the good members. sfd_a will be nothing without us." - automat 2/25/2011

"Anon is like an old oak tree. It is strong and wise, its roots are deep, and it provides shade and comfort for all who desire to sit beneath its branches." - willanonhtaft 16/5/2011

"we're never gonna stop talking about shitting and being fat" - westerlies 1/6/2011

we like cats

If you need mental health resources for your area, a safe place, or someone to talk to, please check this resource post[livejournal] or this resource post [dreamwidth]


now i lay me down to nap

i pray anon will take no crap

no tears for neckbeards will we shed

but as for now i hope i bed

the citizens of anonia

Look into the face of anon, and weep.

anon anthem 1

gosh it disturbs me to see you, anon,
looking so down in the dumps
there are no guys here, it's so perfect, anon,
even when trolls post in clumps

there's no lj online as addictive as you
you're some people's favorite comm
everyone else whines and gripes and cries too
they're just jelly because you're the booooooomb

no one mocks like anon
no one shocks like anon
no one makes real hilarious socks like anon
for there's no comm with so much misandry
perfect, a pure paragon
you can't ask any tom, dick, or stanley
'cause we ran out the men and we're keeping them gone

anon anthem 2

On a blue and white layout, cool kids in our hair
Warm smell of the buttmad, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw dumbalinas in sight
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
They're gonna troll for the night
There he stared at the login;
He heard there was something amiss
And I was thinking to myself,
'ilu jimmy stop carin' 'bout this'
Then he fired up a browser and he showed me the way
There were voices in anon that night,
I thought I heard them say...

Welcome to the hotel nonaforniaaaaa
Such a lovely place
Such a butthurt space
Plenty of room at the hotel nonaforniaaaa
Any time of yeeeear, you can find us heeeere :3

His f5 key is now busted, he's got anon on his mind
He's got a lot of stubborn, stubborn trolls, that he calls friends
How nonas dance to the embeds, my neck, back and crack.
Some stay up and remember, some go hit the sack.

So we called to the nonas,
'please bring me my wine'
He said, 'i'm not trolling like i was before, i just... want it to be mine'
And still those nonas are calling from far away,
Keep him up in the middle to the night
Just to hear them say...

Welcome to the hotel nonaforniaaaaa
Such a lovely place
Such a butthurt space
Pretending you're not at the hotel nonaforniaaaaa
What a nice surprise, bring your alibis

Blueskulls on the ceiling,
The shifties on the floor
And he said 'it was once ours... and it's not anymore'
And in the momsquad's chambers,
They gathered for the feast
They ban-set with their clicky mice,
But they just can't ban snatchbeast :c

Last thing he remembers, he was
Falling on the floor
he had to find a way to put it back
'It belonged to us before'
'relax,' said the nonas,
'We are programmed to deceive.
You can logout any time you like,
But you can never leave! :D'

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